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The window treatment products that our manufacture produces on site, are those which are most in demand in the decoration industry. Whether it is a vertical, horizontal, roller shade, panel track or roman blind, our products are prepared with attention to detail to insure top quality.


Window treatment product composed of vertical slats suspended by a rail. The slats are available in 3 ½ and 2 inch sizes. Three materials are also available, PVC, metal and fabric. Simple to manoeuvre, the slats pivot with the help of a chain. The slats gather either to the left, right or center split with the help of a cord. Hence, the slats can be pulled out of the way to completely free the window.


Window treatment product composed of horizontally placed slats available in 1’’ and 2’’ widths. This product is available in several materials such as aluminium, PVC, PVC foam, imitation or genuine wood either opaque color or dyed. An infinite array of colors is possible for wood blinds since the color can be matched to a specific color.


Window treatment product made of material which is rolled onto a metal or plastic chain operated cylinder. For difficult to access areas, a long distance motorised mechanism is also available to easily operate the blind. The material is available in several options (1% to 25% protection) such as translucent, opaque, regular material or flame retardant material.


Window treatment product composed or either genuine wood or poly composite in 2 ½, 3 ½ or 4 ½ inch slats. Shutters are versatile and custom built either in one or several panels which can then be installed to fit diverse window configurations. Shutters from the ‘’Ambience Collection’’ in poly composite are offered in 6 colors, 3 opaque and 3 dyed. Shutters from the ‘’Elegance Collection’’ are offered in unlimited colors since any color can be harmonised to match a specific sample.


Window treatment product composed of 2 – 6 material panels fixed to a railing, with or without decorative wood mouldings. The panels gather to either the left or right side with the help of a cord. These panels are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures.


Window treatment product offered in two versions, either hobble or flat, with or without wooden decorative mouldings. Wide arrays of products are available in different colors and textures.

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